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Kids Monkey Bars
The kids wanted some Monkey Bars as an addition to their Jungle Gym and I thought it would be a nice excuse to dust of my welder after quite some time. 

I got the kids involved in the paper design and deciding on the colour scheme, afterwhich a trip to steel shop to get some round bar 32mm x 2mm thick 4 pieces at 2.5m length and 25mm x 2mm thick 16 pieces cut to 750mm

After measuring a kid or two, we decided on a height of 1.9 - 2m and a length of 10 bars spaced 30cm apart. A local metal tube bending company helped me bend in a 200mm radius on the top sections of the frame. After which some notching of tubes and welding together and we were done with the frame. The metal work took about a day as it was really straight forward. High level costs: Metal R1500, Paint R600, Grinding 3 hours, Welding 4 hours.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the construction but here are a few from the installation:

1. Get frame in position to check where to dig holes:

2. Red Oxide undercoat:

3. Concrete in place:

4. Paint

Final thoughts:
1. A 10 bar length works out around 3m long, from a weight bearing point of view it would be stronger in the middle with less bars, maybe 8.
2. The 750mm width is overkill 500mm-600mm would have sufficed.

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