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Fixed Metal Workbench
I had just made the purchase of a MIG welder and as a first project I decided to build a workbench for my electronics table. 

The frame is built from 25x25mm square tube with 50x50mm square tube legs resting on lockable casters. 

The top is MDF board, if if recall it was 21mm thick. 

I started this way putting together a sketchup using "Google sketchup":

Once I had the general idea, I got to  construction. This is a pretty straight forward frame and I used a cut-off saw to cut the ends at 45 degrees. I unfortunately did not take pictures along the way but the results are as follows:


Later I added a 3mm black rubber mat with contact adhesive across the entire top surface to increase durability. Also I added sections of MDF bars 200mm wide across the bottom frame to convert it into a shelf.


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