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Fixed Workbench
"You can never have too many workbenches" ... said no one ever

I build this for my workroom (its like a workshop but in a tiny room).

Step (get some wood):
     I love roofing pine, cheap and durable, what more do you need.

Step 2 (Cut and linseed):
     I cut my wood with a simple hand saw, and used a rag to treat with linseed.
     Top sections:

Step 3 (Assemble the frame):

Step 4 (Add legs):

Step 5 (Make stable):

Step 6 (Star populating shelf with left over wood):

Step 7 (Add top)
     The top is one again... roof truss wood, glued and clamped together then screwed into the frame

What do you think?... hmmm, guess its still just me. Confused

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