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Gordon's OrgMOT Spot welder

Put it in an old ABS box I've had laying around for years. Not very well done just mostly hot glued in. The port above the power inlet is for the foot pedal (Still to be built.)

The boards are a bit of a mess as I'm learning to read and use fritzing and electronics and also the first time I've put something like this together so Org has probably lost  a lot of hair trying to help me get this done. Was a good exercise regarding the learning I have gotten out of it though so a big up to Org for designing the timer which is awesome! and helping me through it. Its adjustable and dual pulse or I guess as many pulses as you want. Next is to activate it remotely from smartphone.... lol.

I got 95mm2 cable from Lido which I had to eventually strip the insulation off of where it coils in the transformer in order to get it to fit. It is quite a large transformer but the cable is really thick. All coiled and the primary is back in and everything is clamped for re-welding tomorrow. Hoping this puts out huge amps.
Seriously Thick cable you have there!!!

Looks very nicely packaged.
Basically finished the build tonight. 

Tested welding battery's today and yes I will be working for Samsung soon as I'm also capable of making them explode! First one blew right in my hand luckily just a flame out and bang but everyone in the house crapped themselves.

Built the case out of the microwave covers I stripped down and built it big enough for a fan etc as well but theres no need for a fan as the tips get too hot to hold after 10 or so welds (500ms to 1.5secs) and the cable and transformer are still cold so its good without fan noise as well. Just much bigger than needed but I decided to complete it anyways. Used the welder to spot the covers together and the brackets to hold the 'slide' for the timer box. Also spot welded the 4 nuts that hold it all together to the case (yes spot welders are awesome and do nuts to cases or studs as well.) The folding and painting of the box I did quickly between the promises of rain so its not really good looking but is functional and doesn't hum or vibrate and protects everyone and things falling from the transformer.

I made the timer slider (previous pictures of the timer in the ABS box) so it can be removed easily and placed in the bigger machine (those massive yellow cables) which I'm building a stand for in the garage. This unit is for inside and battery welding. The other for sheet metal welding etc on bigger and heavier gauge metals. Spot welders are an awesome maker tool addition!

The tips I made quickly from the rod I bought for the battery welding and they work pretty well. No cleaning yet and they have done some serious work already (not much I haven't tried to weld today! Tongue ) The bought tips I used to start welding the box together and test on larger/thicker metals and work fantastically well but eventually started making more to make it easier. All future development on this project will be in the tips as I already this week have made 4 different types to accommodate different jobs. 

I'm still about R12k under the Addendoffies price of a new one and I have 2 and spares and tips that will probably last my life time.

Again huge thanks to Org!!! project completed! Just tidying it up now and welding everything I can together  Big Grin

Photo's on next post


I cut and welded my transformers. I have an idea this is why they don't hum or vibrate.


Before painting and still looking at fitting the fan etc.


75mm2 Cable. Closed circuit short 1046Amps


Sent my CV to Samsung.....


My first battery weld on an old dead AA. Let out the smoke and bang genies and other than dirty underwear no serious damage!


Welding different things to nickel and each other and everything metallic looking around me.


Rear view


Front view. Battery clamping the tips is awesome. Allows them to be swiveled around and manipulated as needed. I put some copper tube over the cable and soldered the hell out of it.


Weld timer working exactly as planned and a perfect weld that needed pliers to rip off of the old AA + side of the battery.
Well done! It looks awesome! A nicely rounded off project.

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