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Printed Circuit Boards
Hi Guys, 

If you looking for small/medium quantity PCBs I would recommend a Roodepoort home based company run by Mr Frik called PCB International.

Last I ordered they charge R200 for setup, plus R25 for a negative image (looks like an xray picture) But the coolest part is that they then charge around R1/cm^2. So if you need 3+ boards it works out cheap in my opinion. You will also need to draw a thin rectangle around your board and specify the size in mm he will then use that boarder to ensure correct size. 

I used Mr Frik for simple single sided boards but he says he can do double sided and as small as 20mil trace size. 
Word of caution: use him only if there is NO urgency for the board, turn around time is up to a month. Also I do not think he does silk screening so its just basic rough PCBs.

Contact Details:

Frik Nel
PCB International cc 
082 565 5419
011 762 7271

Here's an example of a recent "breakout" board I got made for a surface mount "HTSSOP56" package:

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